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S66 Chain Type Garage Door Opener (Intelligent) CE Certified
It is configured with fashionable appearance and global leading technology. All the complicated settings and commission will be reached only by pressing the button, which gives you the biggest convenience.
S66 adopts type C steel galvanization rail, chain type.
Automatic door open and close movement position check, manual regulation is not needed.
Automatic door movement resistance curve check. It can adapt the resistance change after long period door movement; manual load regulation is not needed.
Automatic resistance change curve follow and check during the door movement. It ensures higher tight protection sensitivity of each point during the door movement thereby better safety is provided.
The full automatic check will be finished only by pressing the button twice, easy operation.
Unique patent technology of door lock when power outage keeps you away from trouble of power outage.
Three types of rated power, for the garage door of different dimension .
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