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 1.Requirement for the dimension of the door hole
The height of the door (H) hole should lower than 3000mm,the width should be narrower than 5400mm.
The height (h) of the lintel should higher than 100mm at least.
The left and right side of the door should wider than 100mm.
The depth of the garage door should longer them the length(H+1100mm).

2.Requirement for the construction of the door hole

There should be an electrical outlet at the ceiling of the garage door, the distance between the door and the electrical outlet should be the height of door (H) plus 1000mm,and in the wide direction the electrical out let should depart 300mm
(right or left) form the centerline.
The error of the dimension of door hole should be limited within 10mm.
The horizontal error of the door hole should be limited within 10mm.
In the installation area, there is no some barriers such as: wire cable, pipe, etc.
In the installation area, the wall should be kept in the same level.

Space needed for garage door assembly
Equipping Type Manual Door Screw Opener Chain Opener

Door headroom


Standard Rail 210mm 350mm 280mm
Super LowRail 140mm 230mm 160mm
Spring Laid Back 50mm 150mm 80mm
Door Side 100mm
Door opening height Door opening height plus 510mm Door opening height plus 1100 mm

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