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Why Parking System

Mechanical parking system is a method of automatically parking and retrieving cars typically using a mechanical system 

The advantages of our mechanical parking system:

1.      Save the area and make use of the space. Generally, the occupying area of the mechanical parking system is 1/2~1/25 of the plane parking lot and the space utilization ratio can be 75% more than that of the common parking lot. Traditional parking lot which parking 50 vehicles need 1650 square meters, but if the open tower type parking system only requires the space of 50 square meters, that is to say, each one square meter can park one vehicle. 

2.      The cost is relatively low. Each parking seats of the mechanical parking system need about the investment from 2750USD to 13550USD, but the cost of the parking seat for the common parking lot in the building is more than 20270USD. According to the survey, the traditional parking lot which can parking 50 vehicles need the space of 1650 square meters, and the cost is about 1013550USD,but the tower-type parking system only need 50 square meters and the cost is about 540550USD(including the civil engineering). So it can save 47% investment.

3.      Simple, reliable and safe operation, fast vehicle parking and retrieving. The parking or retrieving time is less than 120 minutes.