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XJ SUPERLIFT's S66,S50,S60 garage door openers share the common features as the following:

Automatic lighting and time-extending system, which makes you more convenient to get in or out of the garage door. When the garage door is opened or closed, the lighting system will turn on, and turn off automatically after 3 minutes.

Automatic rebound while obstacle: when the door body is descending, if it meets any obstacle (the pressure is adjustable), the safety protection system makes the door body rebound automatically.

Photo beam protects (Photo beam is optional): The photo beam transmitters which are fixed on the inner both sides of the door give out a hank of intangible ray .While the door body is descending, if the intangible ray is interrupted or severed, the door will rebound immediately automatically.

The remote transmitter has more than 1 billion of codes mixed, which supply you with characteristic and individual unique code, safe as your fingerprint.

Integration of remote control, dynamoelectric, manual control. Inside the garage door, it could be controlled by button with wire to open or close. When the power is off or some fault occurs, the manual key (optional) could be used to manipulate the door with hand, it could reduce the inconvenience to least.

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