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When you request the quotation on spare parts, please provide the description/specifications of the parts/model/quantity/maker


We supply the spare parts of the exported products manufactured by XJ Electric Co.,Ltd., XJ Power Co.,Ltd.( XUJI POWER CO.LTD.), XJ Electric Corporation(XJ Electrical Corporation), XJ Group Corporation, XJ Electric Co.,Ltd., and XJ Parking System Co.,Ltd. XJ Instrument & Meter Co. Ltd.XJ Metering Co.Ltd.


List of the Products sold over past 10 years


Power transmission & distribution equipments

1.1 Secondary equipment

1.1.1 Control & protection Complete set of monitoring & protection equipments for 35kV~500kV substations

WDR-110  Microcomputer-based Capacitor Protective device

WBH-100 Microcomputer-based transformer protective device

WXH-110 Microcomputer-based Line protective device

WXH-25/A Microcomputer-based Line protective device

WGL-30/X  Microcomputer-based Line fault recorder

WMH-800 Microcomputer-based Busbar protective device

CBZ-8000 Substation Automation System(applicable to substations of 35kV500kV)

WBH-800 Microcomputer-based transformer protective device

WXH-800 Microcomputer-based Line protective device

WMH-800 Microcomputer-based Busbar protective device


FCK-800 Measuring & Control Device (Also applicable to power plants and hydro-power stations)

FCK-820 Measuring & Control Device (Also applicable to power plants and hydro-power stations)

WDR-820  Microcomputer-based Capacitor Protective equipment (Also applicable to power plants and hydro-power stations)

WDLK861  Microcomputer-based Circuit Breaker Protective equipment (Also applicable to power plants and hydro-power stations)


Complete set of monitoring & protecting equipments for hydro-power stations and power plants

CCZ-8000 Electric Automation System for Thermal Power Plant

SJK-8000 Integrated Automation System of Hydro-electric Power Plant

WFB-800 Microcomputer-based generator-transformer unit Protective equipment

WGL-30/F Microcomputer-based generator-transformer unit fault recorder


Power supply equipment

PZ32 Complete set of DC system

PED DC power supply system

WCF10 Microprocessor-based Charging and Float Charging panel

PTD Communication Power Supply panel

Electric power definite-purpose UPS

PZ61 series microprocessor based high frequency switching DC power source panel


Communication equipments



SF-600/601 IC-Based transmitter-receiver


ESB550 carrier terminal

ESB500 power line carrier

YPC 500F6 Remote protection signaling equipment

ESB900D full digital power line carrier equipment

CGCS-1000 optical synchronous transmission system

SF-960 Digital transceiver


1.2 Primary equipments  

1.2.1 Circuit Breaker (10kV35kV)

1.2.2 Transformer

10110kV Oil Immersed Transformer(630080000KVA)

Exposy Resin cast Transformer(3012500KVA)


1.2.3 HV Switchgear (10kV~35kV)

KYN28A(GZS1)-12 indoor HV metal-clad drawout switchgear

JYN2-12 removable AC metal enclosed switchgear

KYN61-40.5 metal-clad removable AC switchgear

JYN1-40.5(F) removable AC metal enclosed switchgear


1.2.4  LV Switchgear    

GGD low-voltage fixed switchgear

GCS low-voltage drawout switchgear

HXGN17-12 air ring main unit

GISELA/MINEX series of SF6 insulated ring unit switchgear

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