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XJ011 single phase DIN-rail watt-hour meter
      XJ011 single phase DIN-rail watt-hour meter is a kind of DIN rail mounting electronic watt-hour meter, it adopts large scale integrate circuit, uses advanced technique of digital and SMT techniques, etc. 
      The meters comply with relevant requirements of class 1 and class 2 single phase energy meter stipulated in National standard GB/T17215-2002 and international standard IEC61036-2000. it can accurately measure 50Hz or 60Hz active energy consumption for single phase AC electricity power net, it can display total energy consumption by step type cyclometer or LCD display. It has following features: Good reliability, small volume, light weight, specious nice appearance, convenient installation, etc.
      Functions and features:
      * 35mm standard DIN rail installation, complying with standard DIN EN5002.
      * May select 5+1 cyclometer by step type or 7 digits LCD display.
      * May select infrared communication interface and RS485 communication interface.
      * Impulse output, complying with standard DIN43864.
      * May select normal or simple connection.
Technical parameters
Type Accuracy Rated voltage(V) Rated current(A) Starting Current Insulation Performance
XJ011 Class 1 220V;230V 3(15),5(30)
0.4%lb AC voltage 2KV for 1 minute impulse voltage 6kV
Outline and mounting dimension